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JFit designs innovative group exercise programs for boutique studios in Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC.

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"HoopDance Workshop helped make me feel a lot more comfortable with my flow and transitioning between moves. Jeannie is a great instructor with exercises that really helped me to loosen up. I had a ton of fun!" Barbara Fonesca

Love The Spin You're In!

YoginiFit - Vibrant Yoga Poses in a YogaFlow Workout
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"I had a great time. Jeanne is always so happy. It was a nice group and I learned a lot. I would attend another of Jeanne's workshops." Jackie Glassman

"Jeanne was a fun teacher who taught us cool moves. Even if you can't hoop (like me when I first went) you will soon amaze yourself with your cool new moves. I'd love to take more classes from her." Cherie Tilghman

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