JFit - Seriously Fun Fitness

Classes offered through Montgomery County MD Recreation. Register at activemontgomery.com, Hoopit Fit and PiYo.

"Your class at Bauer is so much fun. For that hour my mind is relaxed and there are no outside pressures. I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up but I'm so glad that I did."  Judy Byerly

Here's an excerpt of what you can expect in my PiYo Live class. 

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Put a New Spin on your Workout

HoopIt Fit uses a specially-designed hula hoop for a body-sculpting, cardio-charged fitness class. You'll learn hoop skills as well as tone, chisel, and stretch with a hoop. This workout is a whirl'd of fun!

Get It Om!

Experience action-packed cardio yoga with the power of pilates sculpt. Fun, high energy choreography elevates your heart rate while upbeat music raises your spirit! 

Find your Flow, Define your Physique.