Classes offered through Montgomery County MD Recreation. Register at, YoginiFit and Hoopit Fit.

Put a New Spin on your Workout

HoopIt Fit uses a specially-designed hula hoop for a body-sculpting, cardio-charged fitness class. You'll learn hoop skills as well as tone, chisel, and stretch with a hoop. This workout is a whirl'd of fun!

YoginiFit - Let's Get it Om!

"Your class at Bauer is so much fun. For that hour my mind is relaxed and there are no outside pressures. I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up but I'm so glad that I did."  Judy Byerly

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Hoopit Fit - A Whirl'd of Fun
JFit - Seriously Fun Fitness

Get It Om!

Experience action-packed cardio yoga with the power of pilates sculpt. Fun, high energy choreography elevates your heart rate while upbeat music raises your spirit! 

Find your Flow, Define your Physique.